The Inclusion Blog

The thought behind the Inclusion Blog is to publish the positives about the different members our society. It’s to let people explain, in their own voice, how they belong, and what they do for the rest of us.

The blog is not created for us, the people who run it. We will try to take the minimal role we can. That is one reason for preserving our anonymity: this really isn’t about us.

We see our role as encouraging posts, editing them for grammar without interfering in the speaker’s voice, and creating a safe space by moderating comments, protecting anonymity of posters who want it protected, and helping where needed.

Please let us know if you wish to submit a post. Posts can be short or long – as you wish – and reflect your voice. The About page suggests what they should address –


(The unappealing link name is what WordPress initially put up, and we haven’t figured out how to fix it yet. Still trying).

An image, if you have one, would help the post get visibility and add color. If you do not, we will add one. You are welcome to post with your full name, with your first name with no identifiable features, or anonymously.